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The following rules and definitions will help users understand how the Megabucks Lottery operates.

  • A “prize pool” refers to the money that is allocated in a fund in order to finance prizes for lottery winners.
  • An “exchange ticket” is the ticket generated by the computer in order to replace another ticket that was purchased before in order to be played on consecutive games, and turned out as a winner. Players have the possibility to transform their winning tickets into playing tickets where the date and other details for the validated ticket will be the same as on the winning ticket. However, the player will not have to pay anything for exchange tickets.
  • The “game board” on the website is the area containing the 48 numbers of which the winning six digits will appear, as result of a draw.
  • A “game ticket” is a virtual ticket that is offered to the player after they purchase one from a proper outlet. On the game ticket, the player can see the numbers they chose. The date of the draw and a serial number must also be present on the ticket.
  • A “kicker” is the player’s option to play an extra dollar for each line played normally, in order to receive extra winnings for guessing 3, 4, or 5 numbers.
  • The term “lotto” is used when the gambler uses predetermined numbers to establish which digits to play.
  • A “game play” is the succession of 6 numbers chosen by the player out of the 48 on the game board.
  • A “quick pick” is the name given to random selections of numbers picked by players that do not want to choose the numbers on their own.
  • A “slip” is the name of the card that contains all the plays a player wants to try. The games are numbered where certain game boards must be chosen for each of them.
  • A “random number generator” is a device that provides players with random numbers on command.
  • “Winning numbers” are the ones that result during a draw, out of the 48 on the game board. Winnings are determined based on the number of lucky guesses.

  • The Megabucks Lottery is a lotto game where players get to choose 6 numbers out of 48 (numbered from 1 to 48), and play sets towards winning prizes. Players can choose numbers on their own or they can request a quick pick which means your numbers are chosen for you using a random number generator. Once the numbers are registered and the game ticket is paid for, the player will not be able to make any more changes.
  • The Kicker option can be chosen by players that want to maximize their wins upon guessing more than 3 numbers.
  • Game tickets cannot be cancelled, which means that once they are paid for, their value will not be returned.

  • Draws will be organized each week, on Saturday night, or on any time decided by the company director.
  • Draws are organized to determine 6 numbers out of 48. The computer software used will randomly select the numbers to ensure perfect transparency.

  • Tickets containing 3, 4, 5, or 6 numbers of the ones resulted from the official draw will be declared winning tickets.

  • Winnings above 100,000USD will be delivered as a lump sum. If the player chooses the annuity option, 25 installments will be delivered over the duration of 25 years.
  • Players will always receive the highest prize for each of the play they won.
  • Players must announce the method of payment they want to use within 60 days from the date in which the prize was validated. Once this choice is communicated and validated, it cannot be changed.
  • If winners fail to provide the above information, they will receive the prize over the duration of 25 years, in equal installments.
  • In the case of multiple winners, each of them can choose the method of payment they prefer. They can choose to be paid a lump sum, if the final prize value is over 100,000USD, even if each cut is lower than 100,000USD.
  • The winner has no obligation to comply with this rule, since it is only an option.

Ticket validation
  • A winning ticket must contain all six numbers between 1 and 48, clearly separated from one another.
  • Exchange tickets can be used in order to transform a winning ticket into more possibilities of winning.

  • 50% of the Megabucks Lottery sales revenues will serve as the prize pool.
  • If a draw does not produce any jackpot winners, the jackpot is carried on to the next draw, and added onto the pool prize for that week.